Peter Cauwelier

About Peter

Peter Cauwelier, PhD, is a highly qualified team coach with more than 20 years of experience in operations with multinational companies. He helps teams learn, grow and innovate, and take ownership of their own and their company’s future. Peter is a Master Action Learning Coach with the World Institute for Action Learning, an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator™  and a TCI Certified Team Performance Coach™ . He has worked with teams in Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and the USA.

Peter’s approach is based on the team’s level of psychological safety. This approach takes the team, with its capabilities and culture, as the starting point for change. The team works together to find solutions for urgent organizational issues, and explores how to be more effective as a team while doing so. The collaborative atmosphere accelerates the team’s psychological safety. Applying this learning outside of the team creates the foundation for sustained success.

Peter completed a PhD in Knowledge and Innovation Management at Bangkok University (Thailand, 2016), with research focus on how teams collaborate, learn and develop knowledge. The title of his dissertation is “The impact of Team Psychological Safety on Team Knowledge Creation: A Comparison Between Teams in Thailand, France and the USA”.