Richard Strudwick

About Richard

Richard is a developmental leadership coach, working with individuals in leadership positions to help them adapt, perform and take proactive steps towards their own stated business and behavioural goals.

He coaches executive clients from Equity Partners at LLPs to Head Teachers and Financial Directors. Richard specialises in working with individuals to help them to be more reflective, more efficient and more confident in their personal goals and values. He works with 1:1 clients to help them reduce work-related stress through better work-life balance, more effective work relationship and generating calm inner confidence.

Richard has an ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring, is a Certified Action Learning Coach (World Institute for Action Learning) and has a wide variety of experience from working with C-Suite on organisational values, through to working with High Potential managers and recent intake.

Richard uses coaching in both 1:1 relationships with executive clients and as a key element of group training programmes, to enhance learning and embed the training’s real world uses in the work place.

His background in entrepreneurship, in education, the charitable sector and in working closely with FTSE100 companies gives him a unique experience of developing teams and people.

Beyond coaching he designs and runs personal development, talent and community engagement programmes for the likes of Sky, Vodafone, Cardiff University and internationally for British Council and the Bahrain Royal Family. When he’s not working Richard is in the hills, on the water (canoe, kayak or yacht) and trying to inspire his son to become an astronaut.