Tom Melberg

About Tom

Tom Melberg is a global talent management consultant that brings more than 25 years of broad technology and business development experience to the table. As a certified 'Action Learning’ coach and 'Identity Mapping' practitioner, he is highly effective in helping companies and individuals, establish a clear picture of their desired state and create a definitive path to realizing their goals.

Tom has experience working with Fortune 100 technology companies such as Microsoft, primarily in the area of leadership development, and has coached numerous Action Learning sessions with high impact results. He is equally as effective in working with individuals and is passionate about empowering people to dig deep to discover what’s important to them. He is able to quickly establish a sense of trust and a safe space for others to freely and authentically express themselves. He is genuinely committed to people in finding their path to fulfillment by helping them to step into being who they really are and lead a more meaningful life. 

His lifelong fascination with figuring out how things really work shines through in his work with his clients. Tom’s curiosity and ability to discern important nuances and to actively listen on multiple levels are what make him a highly impactful partner in coaching and leadership development.