Day 12 Connection Challenge: Get Active

Just 20 minutes of moderate daily exercise can make you happier and more productive. If possible, squeeze a walk, run, cycle ride or other workout into your schedule today. If not, add something active to your diary for the coming week. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

Day 11 Connection Challenge: Dine Deviceless

The dinner table is a great place to connect with people, but our phones and devices often distract us. For at least one meal today, put away your laptops, phones and other devices and fully enjoy the company of those around you. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

Day 10 Connection Challenge: Hold a Standing Meeting

Instead of sitting through all of your appointments today, try a stand-up meeting. They tend to be shorter and more focused, and will help attendees avoid distractions such as laptops and phones. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

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Day 9 Connection Challenge: Say You’re Sorry

Saying “I’m sorry” and admitting that we did something wrong is the first step to self-improvement. If an apology is made sincerely, it also increases trust, empathy and accountability in a team. Do you owe someone an apology? Reach out to them today. #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 8 Connection Challenge: Tell a Story

In her amazing TED talk on vulnerability, researcher Brene Brown says that stories are “data with a soul.” Whether you are presenting to an audience of 1000 or having a 1-1 conversation, stories help to build trust and emotionally engage other people. Try it today. #beauthentic #betransparent #connectionchallenge

Day 7 Connection Challenge: Find Time to be Alone

Surprising as it sounds, one path to creating stronger connections with others is ensuring you have time alone. Find 15 minutes today to be by yourself to reflect on a conversation, plan for a meeting or simply decompress. You’ll discover you’re better able to focus later in the day. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

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Day 6 Connection Challenge: Look People in the Eye

Technology helps us connect with those far away but it can reduce our attention on those in the same room. Practice the lost art of eye contact while listening to your colleagues and increase connection with others. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

Day 5 Connection Challenge: Say Thanks

Take 2 minutes and write a positive note or email thanking or praising someone. If you make this a daily routine, it dramatically strengthens your social connections, which research shows has side benefits of higher productivity, better health and greater motivation. #begiving #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 4 Connection Challenge: Take Someone Else’s View

We all approach new situations with a perspective shaped by who we are and the experiences we have had to date. Try to deliberately look at something differently today: Take the other side of a debate or consider a situation from a new angle. #beinclusive #connectionchallenge

Day 3 Connection Challenge: Go for a Walk

Instead of holding all of your meetings indoors, schedule a “walking meeting” today. Get some exercise and fresh air while improving the connection with your colleagues. #bepresent #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

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