Day 18 Connection Challenge: Be More Generous

When we give to others, they are more likely to give back, and this creates a foundation for stronger relationships. Reflect back on the times in your life when you were most generous; experts say this will motivate you to be more generous today. #begiving #connectionchallenge

Day 17 Connection Challenge: Share a Hot Drink

Yale University psychologists have found that people judged others to be more generous and caring if they had just held a warm cup of coffee. Invite a colleague for a cup of tea or coffee and strengthen your connection. #begiving #connectionchallenge

Day 16 Connection Challenge: Reconnect with the Past

Do you have an old colleague or manager you’d like to acknowledge for past support? Take the time today to let them know: Send an email, make a call or send a message via social media. Or maybe even write an old-fashioned card. #begiving #betransparent #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 15 Connection Challenge: Have a Laugh

Sharing a laugh with your colleagues exposes vulnerability that can increase trust and subsequently improve productivity, learning and team effectiveness.  #beauthentic #beinclusive #connectionchallenge

Day 14 Connection Challenge: Seek out a Diverse Opinion

Before making a decision today, go ask the opinion of someone who is likely to have a different viewpoint. Not only does this help encourage better, more creative solutions, it helps build trust. #beinclusive #betransparent #becurious #connectionchallenge

Day 13 Connection Challenge: Don’t Jump to Solutions

In business we are often rewarded for taking decisive action. But when we keep our minds open slightly longer and ask questions to learn more, we often find we come up with better solutions. Try to pause before deciding today. #beinclusive #becurious #connectionchallenge

Day 12 Connection Challenge: Get Active

Just 20 minutes of moderate daily exercise can make you happier and more productive. If possible, squeeze a walk, run, cycle ride or other workout into your schedule today. If not, add something active to your diary for the coming week. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

Day 11 Connection Challenge: Dine Deviceless

The dinner table is a great place to connect with people, but our phones and devices often distract us. For at least one meal today, put away your laptops, phones and other devices and fully enjoy the company of those around you. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

Day 10 Connection Challenge: Hold a Standing Meeting

Instead of sitting through all of your appointments today, try a stand-up meeting. They tend to be shorter and more focused, and will help attendees avoid distractions such as laptops and phones. #bepresent #connectionchallenge

June is 1/3 over but if you’d like to still join the #connectionchallenge, we are still accepting new registrations:

Day 9 Connection Challenge: Say You’re Sorry

Saying “I’m sorry” and admitting that we did something wrong is the first step to self-improvement. If an apology is made sincerely, it also increases trust, empathy and accountability in a team. Do you owe someone an apology? Reach out to them today. #beauthentic #connectionchallenge