Day 27 Connection Challenge: Take a Deep Breath

Before you head into your next important meeting or conversation, take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. In addition to providing other health benefits, it will release the tension in your neck and make you appear less aggressive. #beauthentic #bepresent #connectionchallenge

Day 23 Connection Challenge: Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback may make us feel vulnerable, but it also can increase trust levels in an organization. Opening up also may accelerate our development: When we share the skills we’re focused on building with others, research says we improve more quickly. #betransparent #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 22 Connection Challenge: Stop for Lunch

How often do you eat at your desk or on the run? Or skip lunch altogether? Eating lunch not only stabilizes our blood sugar levels and increases our energy, it can also provide time for socializing with our colleagues. Find someone you haven’t talked to properly in a while and sit down for lunch with them today. #bepresent #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 21 Connection Challenge: Share Something Real

Many of us feel we should keep our personal and work lives separate. But sharing what’s going on for us personally can give needed context to our colleagues and make them feel comfortable sharing in return. Vulnerability increases trust, and ultimately also improves productivity and engagement at work. Start small and share something personal and real with a colleague today. #beauthentic #betransparent #connectionchallenge

Day 16 Connection Challenge: Reconnect with the Past

Do you have an old colleague or manager you’d like to acknowledge for past support? Take the time today to let them know: Send an email, make a call or send a message via social media. Or maybe even write an old-fashioned card. #begiving #betransparent #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 15 Connection Challenge: Have a Laugh

Sharing a laugh with your colleagues exposes vulnerability that can increase trust and subsequently improve productivity, learning and team effectiveness.  #beauthentic #beinclusive #connectionchallenge

Day 9 Connection Challenge: Say You’re Sorry

Saying “I’m sorry” and admitting that we did something wrong is the first step to self-improvement. If an apology is made sincerely, it also increases trust, empathy and accountability in a team. Do you owe someone an apology? Reach out to them today. #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 8 Connection Challenge: Tell a Story

In her amazing TED talk on vulnerability, researcher Brene Brown says that stories are “data with a soul.” Whether you are presenting to an audience of 1000 or having a 1-1 conversation, stories help to build trust and emotionally engage other people. Try it today. #beauthentic #betransparent #connectionchallenge

Day 5 Connection Challenge: Say Thanks

Take 2 minutes and write a positive note or email thanking or praising someone. If you make this a daily routine, it dramatically strengthens your social connections, which research shows has side benefits of higher productivity, better health and greater motivation. #begiving #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

Day 3 Connection Challenge: Go for a Walk

Instead of holding all of your meetings indoors, schedule a “walking meeting” today. Get some exercise and fresh air while improving the connection with your colleagues. #bepresent #beauthentic #connectionchallenge

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