About Be Leadership

We Develop Social Leaders for Greater Business Impact

Be Leadership was formed to help leaders navigate this new business climate. We help leaders develop the skills and capabilities needed to thrive in this new context.

If you read most any employee engagement survey out there today, you’ll get the same message: Employees are not engaged at the level companies need them to be. There is not just one cause for this. One could blame the economy which is forcing many workers to work harder and more hours, increasing stress and decreasing satisfaction. Or you could say that companies are not rewarding their employees well enough. While there are likely many contributing factors, there is a one long-held belief that is backed by data: People join companies and leave managers.

In today’s business climate, norms are changing and all of us are expecting more from our leadership. Top-down, authoritative styles are no longer adequate. As employees and customers, we expect leaders to be more collaborative, more authentic and more engaged.


As users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, we have grown accustomed to a more dynamic, engaging conversation with those around us. Companies started participating to get an edge over their competitors – but as we move further into the 21st century, this type of conversation is becoming expected. It is no longer the differentiator – it is the norm.

Generational Change

The so-called millennial generation demands a flatter, more agile organization. This generation is accustomed to a new social dynamic, one that is conversational and responsive. As this generation joins the workforce in droves, they bring new cultural expectations.


We are an increasingly global workforce. More and more companies are working across international boundaries, using technology to communicate and share. Leaders frequently have remote employees, who they meet face-to-face infrequently. These employees need to stay connected and informed, and a more frequent, conversational style of leaderships supports that culture of connection.

Our Clients

We believe in creating a partnership with our clients to consistently deliver work with business impact. Our goal is to ensure every engagement results in real performance improvements and clear outcomes. We are proud to work with amazingly diverse clients from many parts of the world and across multiple sectors.