About Our Team

Shannon Banks

Shannon is Managing Director of Be Leadership and a consultant, facilitator and executive coach with expertise in social leadership and a passion around bringing together talent development and social impact.

Sarah Jones

Sarah is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF and a Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC) with the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL). Her areas of expertise are leadership, business development and self management and she supports clients ready to make big changes, navigate competing demands and deliver their real potential. Inspiring people to be their best.

Ed Williams

Ed is a highly-experienced, qualified executive coach who works with senior and emerging leaders. He helps them to think, feel and behave more effectively in order to deliver peak performance and enhanced results. 

Madelaine Melberg

Maddy is a seasoned leadership and organizational development consultant working with professionals at all phases/levels in their careers to develop, leverage, and align their inherent strengths for mutual success.

Tom Melberg

Tom is a global talent management consultant and is highly effective in helping companies and individuals establish a clear picture of their desired state and create a definitive path to realizing their goals.

Stephanie Parry

Stephanie has over thirty years of experience in global companies as a senior HR leader, a consultant and a coach. She works with people at all levels of the organisation to get to the heart of what really matters and to enable change. 

Wendy Reus

As a coach, Wendy establishes rapport and trust and works to understand quickly the challenges her clients are facing. She is always supportive and believes people have the ability to improve their performance.

Elizabeth Rushton

Elizabeth Rushton, BA(hons), MCIPD, ICF ACC is a talent management and development consultant and an executive coach. She has more than 15 years of corporate experience working in talent and people development roles across multiple sectors including Defence, Technology and Public Services.

Patty Ryan

Patty Ryan began working with Be Leadership as a Business Manager in early 2019. She brings a background in senior-level event production, marketing and branding to the team.

Jenny Serra

Jenny is an experienced marketer and graphic designer who works alongside Shannon to produce course content, and work behind the scenes managing the website (amongst other things!).

Richard Strudwick

Richard is a developmental leadership coach, working with individuals in leadership positions to help them adapt, perform and take proactive steps towards their own stated business and behavioural goals.

Nathalie Thoumyre

As a leadership coach, Nathalie supports leaders and their teams in achieving the best sustainable performance in their global environment and has facilitated numerous initiatives to bring about change, explore innovative paths and enhance team functioning.